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To me, you’re a person, not a number, and I’ll do what’s right for your case.
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I’m Mike Lyding, and I want to be your trusted personal injury attorney. I passed the Arizona State Bar exam in 1970 and launched my career in the public defender’s office. From 1974 to 1981, I worked in a few law firms and then, in 1981, I started my own private practice specializing in personal injury.

I like to consider myself a champion of those who have been wronged. In that way, I make it my personal mission to get to know each of my clients personally. To me, no one is a number; everyone is an individual with their own concerns and issues. I believe in answering my phone myself, and I personally return clients’ emails. I go the extra mile (sometimes literally!) to make myself available when and where my clients need me—and I’ll do the same for you.

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Michael J. Lyding

Michael J. Lyding

Attorney at Law


Fighting for You for 50 Years

1967: B.A., English, Loyola University, Los Angeles, CA

1970: J.D., Law, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

1970: Admitted to the Arizona Bar Association

1971: Admitted to the California Bar Association (now inactive)

A Passion for Personal Injury Law

Not everyone can be an attorney. One must be even more focused to specialize in personal injury law. I am a personal injury attorney who is driven to do the best I can for my clients. I don’t compete with the big firms that have billboards across town; my approach is much more personalized than that. That’s because I don’t settle any of my cases until both my clients and I feel that we have reached the best offer possible. As my paralegal, Priscilla, is fond of saying, “Mike knows the way to the courthouse, and he’s not afraid to go there.”

A Heart for the Job

People who know me personally are often surprised that I am such a fierce litigator. They know that I have been married to the love of my life, Kathy, for nearly as long as I’ve been an attorney. Together, we have three children and three grandchildren, and I love sharing pictures of the little ones with friends and colleagues. I’m a family man at heart.

But that niceness disappears when I’m fighting for my clients. I’m compassionate about you and your case, and that’s why I take off the gloves when I’m negotiating for what’s right.

I’m on Your Side

Don’t waste your time with the personal injury law offices that spend all of their money on advertising. They’ll settle your case quickly, but you might not get the best outcome. I know that insurance companies often offer a lower payout initially, but when I push back, we always do better. I’ve spent my entire career standing up for those who’ve been wronged, and I’m eager to help you as well.  Contact me at 602-395-0045 so you can get to know the man who’ll put your case first.

I review each case individually, and I advocate for you in negotiations and, if necessary, in court. Contact me now.

Are you ready to have me on your side?

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